LIVIN in community

Our connection to nature is essential, yet unfortunately, it is inaccessible for many New Yorkers. That's why LIVIN sets out to spread the nourishing powers of plants across grassroots initiatives, art projects, events and workshops centering BIPOC and queer communities.

How we spread the plant love:


Teaching people hands-on about plants, as well as how to pot and care for them.

Collabs: Land to Sea, Yu and Me Books, Somewhere Good


Distributing plants for free as a form of community care.

Collabs: Plants for the People, Welcome to Chinatown, Stop Asian Hate Rally


Public spaces

Collaborating with local residents to install plants in public spaces—providing education and resources for beautiful, community-sustained ecosystems.

Collabs: Bainbridge Street, Creating a Greener Bedstuy, Grimm Ale Rain Garden


Temporary plant installations to bring the vibes to community events.

Collabs: Ingrained x Welcome to Chinatown, Your Neighbor’s Backyard, Riverside Nursing Home x Plants for the People

Artist Collabs

Set design support and plant-related art projects.

Collabs: Chan “Undercurrent”, “Agave” AERI x Prisca Choe, Timberwolf